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Never Stop Run 2021 official results are now live!


Never Stop run 2021

Never Stop Run on kaikille tarkoitettu liikuntatapahtuma, joka järjestetään 11.6. klo 18 – 12.6.2021 klo 18 (GMT +2). Voit osallistua mukaan missä päin maailmaa tahansa. Tule mukaan kävellen, juosten, tai omien mahdollisuuksiesi mukaan. Mikäli haluat kilpailla virallisilla kisamatkoilla (3/5/10/21km), sinun tulee mitata oma suoritusaikasi GPS-sovelluksella ja jakaa tuloksesi meille. Voit myös osallistua Never Stop- sarjaan jossa mitataan kuljettua matkaa.
What's your race distance going to be? Do you think your friend would join the #neverstop2021 challenge? Winners are offered fame and glory, as well as small prices! 

Mitkä ovat
viralliset kisamatkat?

3km | 5km | 10km | 21km | Never Stop

You may also run or walk any distance you feel appropriate and be a part of the #neverstop2021 challenge!

This is how you compete

Never Stop Run info for participants 

Our goal is to arrange a sport and wellness event, where you can either compete in any of our categories or just go for a light jog and be apart of something great.

Matkoja on neljä: 3km, 5km, 10km, ja 21km. Miesten ja naisten sarjat ovat erikseen. Never Stop- sarjassa taas mitataan yhtäjaksoisesti kuljettua matkaa eikä ajalla ole väliä.

You need to track your race distance with your own device, either a phones GPS application (for example Sports Tracker) or a smart watch. Make sure to stop the watch at the correct moment, when you've completed your race distance! If you forget to mark the exact distance, we're forced to mark the time at which you stopped your timer.

Your results needs to be submitted between Friday the 11th of June at 6pm and Saturday the 12th of June at 6pm (GMT +2) Finnish time. Results that are submitted after 6pm Finnish time will not be accepted.

All results will be posted on this page after the event.

On the form: fill in the distance, time, information AND:

- A screenshot of your run (for proof) = The picture should include the date, the distance run and the time. - Your order ID (the number you received on the payment receipt (Tilaus #)). You should have received a receipt from Järvenpään Seudun Nuorkauppakamari (JCI Järvenpää) and the title reads "Uusi Tilaus: #123", where the number indicates your order ID.

Tips on how to get ready: 

  1. Purchase your spot in the competition and remember to keep your receipt safe. 
  2. Download a GPS based application onto your phone, if you don't have one already,
  3. Test your application beforehand, so that everything runs smoothly on the race day. 
  4. Charge your phone before your run. 
  5. Ready to go! 
  6. Remember to stop your application/watch when you've reached your desired distance. 
  7. Take a screenshot of your progress. 
  8. Go to www.jcjarvenpaa.fi and fill out the form and attach an image of your results. 
  9. The results will be informed within 24 hours of completion on this site. If you don't want us to publish your name, then we'll publish your results with only your ID number.

In case of any trouble, you may contact us via email at paavo.jaaskelainen@jci.fi

official race shirt

Bragging is wrong, but being truthful is the start of greatness! With the official race shirt you can show everyone, that you are apart of something much greater. The Tee Jays Luxury Sport shirt is comfortable and perfect for running. Start your run with the official shirt on!

Technical information

  • S – 3XL
  •  Material: 100% polyester
  • Weight: 150g/m²
  • Quick dry sport fabric
SizeWidth cm*Length cm**

* Distance from left to right 1cm below the sleeves
** The distance from your shoulder to the bottom of the shirt

Shirts ordered before the 1st of June can be shipped to your house in Finland or delivered to Järvenpää Rantapuisto. Orders made after this can be picked up from Rantapuisto on the 12th of June between 10am and 6pm. You may order the shirt after this via mail, but we can't guarantee that the parcel will arrive before race day. Shirts picked up from Rantapuisto need to be ordered before the 4th of June.


#neverstop2021 @neverstoprun2021

Running with us

Never Stop Run is hosted by JCI Järvenpää. Main partner: City of Järvenpää. Supporting companies: Leikkiset, Kuvatehdas and Kultakaari.
Our important local club partners are: Jääurheiluseura Haukat and Järvenpään Palloseura. By taking part in our event, you are also supporting these two local clubs in Järvenpää.
Participation fee: 9€, which covers the registration and participation in the event. 
Prizes will be offered to the winners of each category. 
On the day of the even, we'll be located in the Järvenpää rantapuisto at our Neverstop tent. Here you'll be able to get yourselves some refreshments after your run.
This even won't be cancelled! Come join us for a run. 

Neverstop partner sales

Kultakaari: -30% on items purchased at location.
Kuvatehdas: -30% on all normal priced shirt printing prices. 

Liikuntakeskus Ruukki: -10% 3kk ennakkojäsenyydestä (99€/3kk) sekä Ennakkovuosikortista (454€)

sponsoring the event

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